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The Importance of Internal Links

Photographic image of a muscular man standing at the top of a building look down upon the city below as though he were a superhero, used for a blog post about how internal links are the superhero of SEO.

“Internal links are the superhero of SEO.” At a recent virtual conference called WooSesh, SEO consultant and WordPress expert, Rebecca Gill, shared that insight during her presentation on SEO, impressing upon attendees the importance of internal links and the boost they can give a small business website. But, first and foremost what is an internal…

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Getting and Displaying Customer Testimonials

Photograph of an open sign displayed in the window of a brick and mortar store, used as the feature image for a blog post about customer testimonials.

Endorsements and social influence have a big impact on consumer purchases. Before clicking that Add to Cart, Buy Now, or Download button, shoppers want to hear what others have to say about the item for which they are about to pay. But rather than sending your potential customers to other websites to search for online…

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How to Start Your Small Business Blog

We keep saying it, and we hope you’re paying attention. You need to be blogging on your small business website. Here are the main reasons why: Your website visitors, potential customers, current customers, social media followers, and members of the media want information about your business and industry. Regular blogging fuels website traffic. Sharing information…

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Is Your Small Business Website Secure?

There are a few subjects that are important to talk about over and over again. Security is definitely one of them. And with October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, there is no better way to kick it off than to evaluate the security of your own website. Is your small business website secure? Let’s take…

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How Social Media Can Fuel Your Small Business Website

The power of social media continues to grow. Although it should never be considered as a replacement for your small business website (everything on your website is yours, while everything on social media platforms is theirs), there is no denying the importance of incorporating social media into your digital marketing strategy and the benefits of…

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These Things Will Ruin Your Small Business Website User Experience

We advise a lot about the things you should do to improve your small business website. Elements like regular blogging, adding contact information, and using tools to level up your analytics are things that will enhance your website, which we’ve written about in the past. Those are the “dos” of your site, but what about the…

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3 Online Tools That Make Writing Content Easier

One of the points we continually make at eWebscapes is the importance of regularly writing content for your small business website. Not only does consistent blogging assist with SEO, but it also helps you increase your value with customers and potential customers by providing them with free information. Since eWebscapes relaunched in November of last…

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WordPress Plugin Spotlight: Gravity Forms

Capturing visitor information is one of the most basic missions of your small business website. Whether you’re trying to obtain leads, make yourself available for questions and inquiries, or are offering news and updates via an email newsletter, it’s inevitable that your site will require a website form. Luckily, it can be a relatively easy…

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9 Things You Need to Build a Successful Chiropractic Website

When building websites for small businesses, there are a few elements that are universal. For example, every website should be using SSL and should look great on desktop and mobile devices. Those are a given. But, when it comes to building a site for your chiropractic business, there are some unique must-haves in order to…

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