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The Best Blogging Websites

Owning a blog is more than just a hobby or creative release. Today, blogging websites are building careers, businesses, and empires. eWebscapes builds the best blogging websites by designing a platform that is both beautiful and functional, making it very easy for you to focus your time on creating content, building an audience, and establishing your expertise.

Beautiful Simplicity

Designing websites for bloggers requires a delicate mix of art and science. The best blogging websites feature a design that is beautiful but doesn't take away from the site's main attraction: your writing. Let us design a site that shines the spotlight on your talent.

Integrated Ad Placement

Banner ads and Google Adsense blocks are integral parts of monetizing your blog. We can configure an ad placement system that allows you to manage your ad spots with minimal effort so that you can get back to blogging.

Stat Tracking

Tracking your website's visitors is one of the most important things you can do for your blog. Reviewing analytics can reveal which topics your visitors like and which ones they don't. You can also use your stats to entice larger advertisers. We'll integrate your blogging website with Google Analytics to give you an in-depth view of your audience.

Social Media Integration

Turn your audience into your marketing team! We'll make it dead-simple for your site visitors to engage with and share your valuable content on their social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, allowing you to reach their friends and followers, creating an ever-expanding network of new readers.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines is the easiest way to attract new readers to your blog organically. Every website our team creates keeps search engine optimization (SEO) at the front of our minds. We verify that every aspect of your new site is configured for optimal placement in search engine results. We also integrate the leading WordPress plugins to maximize your search ranking with automated tools like an XML Sitemap, Facebook open graph tags, customized title, meta descriptions, and more.


With over half of internet traffic coming from a mobile device, it’s imperative that your blog is mobile-friendly. Our website design team takes every measure possible to verify that your site looks and works the same on all mobile and tablet device sizes by creating your blog with a responsive mobile approach. Mobile-friendly websites are also a ranking factor for Google and other search engines, so the more mobile-friendly your blogging website is, the more impressive and effective your search rankings will be.


Our WordPress themes are responsive, which means they will automatically adapt to mobile devices, like iPhones and iPads. Having the right blueprint is imperative to success. eWebscapes leads the way by using WordPress to architect and building cutting-edge web and mobile experiences.

One website adapts to all mobile devices, saving you time and money. With mobile browsing surpassing desktop in May of 2015, and mobile-friendliness becoming an official Google ranking factor in April of this year, creating small business websites that are mobile-friendly is no longer optional. It’s a necessity! The success of your website begins with responsive web design.
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