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Small Talks with Small Businesses Podcast Episode 10: Pam Aungst

Small business and small budget? Where should you prioritize your investment when it comes to your digital marketing? In this episode of “Small Talks with Small Businesses,” SEO expert Pam Aungst provides tips, guidance, and advice that small business owners can apply to their own marketing and advertising efforts. Tune in and learn best practices…

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Small Talks with Small Businesses Podcast Episode 9: Kri Edholm

Your website should be working for you, and in order to make sure it’s doing that, you need data. That’s according to Kri Edholm, small business owner, podcast host, and leadership retreat creator. In today’s small business podcast episode, Kri gives tips and advice on measuring metrics and how she uses her website to inspire…

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Small Talks with Small Businesses Podcast Episode 8: Vicki Soares

When you work for a nonprofit, getting your message to the masses is critical to your mission’s success. In this episode of our small business podcast, Vicki Soares tells us how she and her team at Spread the Word Nevada use their website as the central hub for all their nonprofit marketing strategies, including increasing…

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Is Your Small Business Website Secure?

There are a few subjects that are important to talk about over and over again. Security is definitely one of them. And with October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, there is no better way to kick it off than to evaluate the security of your own website. Is your small business website secure? Let’s take…

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Small Talks with Small Businesses Podcast Episode 7: Christie Moeller

As a freelance fashion stylist, Christie Moeller of faces the challenges of a changing industry. A physical portfolio no longer gets the job done. An online portfolio on your small business website and a great social media presence are key. Christie shares some excellent tips for freelancers and small business owners on this podcast…

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Small Talks with Small Businesses Podcast Episode 4: Juliene Hefter

Running a nonprofit association is just like running a small business. And in the nonprofit world, time is a very precious commodity. In today’s episode, Juliene Hefter, the Executive Director of the Association of Aquatic Professionals talks about how a website redesign and incorporating automation tools helped her to streamline repetitive tasks. As a result,…

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9 Things You Need to Build a Successful Chiropractic Website

When building websites for small businesses, there are a few elements that are universal. For example, every website should be using SSL and should look great on desktop and mobile devices. Those are a given. But, when it comes to building a site for your chiropractic business, there are some unique must-haves in order to…

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