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3 Online Tools That Make Writing Content Easier

One of the points we continually make at eWebscapes is the importance of regularly writing content for your small business website. Not only does consistent blogging assist with SEO, but it also helps you increase your value with customers and potential customers by providing them with free information.

Since eWebscapes relaunched in November of last year, we have already created almost 40 new blog post entries, including the launch of our new small business podcast, not to mention the new portfolio pieces we’ve added upon the completion of new client projects.

Why does any of that matter? Each time eWebscapes creates a new blog post, podcast episode, or portfolio sample, we are creating new website pages for search engines to index. That means new and more traffic to our website, which results in potential leads and clients. We like that. You will, too.

So, get to blogging! Write new content for your small business website. These online tools will make it easier for you to do so.

Capitalize Your Title Correctly

Even experienced editors and writers will have their moments. Should ‘is’ be capitalized in a title? What about ‘a’ and ‘the,’ and does it depend on placement? There are a lot of rules when it comes to writing, making it an intimidating task. However, for those times when you’re unsure about correct blog post title capitalization, turn to Capitalize My Title. Simply type your title into the form field (see example below), and as you are typing, the tool will automatically capitalize words that need it. Pretty cool, huh? Give it a try at

Check Your Grammar

Typos happen to the best of us, especially when you act as both writer and editor. If you’re tired of staring at the same five paragraphs and aren’t sure you have caught every error, just copy and paste your content into the online editor at Take a look at how the tool caught my own typo, one that caught me by surprise.

Find a New Word

Repetition can make a story super boring. There are many other ways to say “awesome.” Say it over and over again, and you will start sounding like a 20th Century mall rat. To find a new way to say something, try Type in your word and find new alternatives.

Don’t let fear stop you from doing something that is essential for your small business website. Writing content and keeping your blog active will establish you as an expert in your field, which will influence potential customers to want to do business with you while convincing your current clients to return to your site for more information and purchases. Need help coming up with topics? Read this blog post on creating website content.

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