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eWebscapes Relaunch: Building Small Business Websites

In an effort to support a much-underserved segment of business and commerce, WebDevStudios (WDS) has launched a new division dedicated to designing and developing small business websites using WordPress. Meet eWebscapes.

You may have heard of us before. I started eWebscapes in 2002 when I decided to go into business for myself as a freelance web designer. For the first four years, I enjoyed modest success working with clients and designing websites and blogs. In 2006, I was the very first person to bring the topic of WordPress to the stage at the SXSW Interactive event in Austin, Texas, where I spoke on how to make a living blogging and designing websites.

It was at SXSW that I was contacted by Wiley Publishing, who asked if I would be interested in writing a book called WordPress For Dummies. I agreed, and the first edition published in 2007.  Afterward, eWebscapes grew faster and larger than I had ever anticipated it would. When 2012 rolled around, Brad Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of WDS, and I talked about how eWebscapes and WebDevStudios really complemented one another. eWebscapes was a design studio and WebDevStudios was a development shop. The two just went together so well. So that year, we made the decision to merge the two and work together. It’s been a wonderful journey since.

Once I joined WDS as Co-Founder and COO, eWebscapes went into hibernation. For the past 15 years at WDS, we have focused on building big websites for big brands and enterprise-level corporations. Our attempts to assist small businesses, nonprofits and other organizations were limited to speaking at WordCamp events, WordPress meetups, and my series of WordPress for Dummies books. But today, we are taking the steps to increase our efforts and help small businesses by relaunching eWebscapes professional web studio.

eWebscapes building small business websites

Time and time again, we have seen other companies build bad websites for small businesses—websites that run slowly, offer a confusing user experience, and are not mobile-friendly. The typical small business usually has a minimal budget for marketing. A hard-working small business entrepreneur cannot afford to waste money on a poorly designed website, only to have to spend more money on another developer to fix it. Does that scenario sound familiar? You’re not alone. This horror story is common, and I hear about it often. That’s why we knew we had to bring eWebscapes out of hibernation.

Across the world of commerce, we’re seeing it: small businesses are routinely underserved by other agencies that cut corners or simply don’t know what they’re doing. eWebscapes is changing all that. As a professional website design and development studio dedicated to building small business websites that support your goals and make you money, we are committed to building you an end-product that you will love and will not break your budget. We believe that you don’t have to spend a million bucks to have a rich, engaging business website. So please, take a look around and discover what eWebscapes can do for you. Check out our portfolio and when you’re ready to get started on finally acquiring the small business website of your dreams, contact us. We know that together, we can build something awesome!

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