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3 Tools to Enhance Your Small Business Website

While your small business may be one of many in your particular industry, it is still uniquely yours. There is something special and different about it. You probably go to great lengths to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd. The last thing you want is for your small business to blend in with your competitors. With that in mind, we recommend that you implement the same strategy with your online presence. That’s why we’re showing you three easy-to-use tools that can help you enhance your small business website, making it distinctive and notable.

In a sea of pigeons, why not be a flamingo? Make a memorable impression on your website visitors and potential customers by utilizing the benefits of these tools today. Go for the wow-factor, and see if you can make the competition green with envy. We think you can.


Unless you’re a professional photographer, you’re probably having to rely on stock photography for your small business website imagery. That’s fine. We all do it. However, if you want free stock photos that don’t look typical, we highly recommend Unsplash. In fact, the featured image used for this blog post was downloaded from there.

We like Unsplash because the variety of images are just more artistic and well-curated than your average stock image provider. They don’t look so common and have a certain level of style to them. Go to to check out their photography options. We think you’ll be just as mesmerized as we are. See a sample below of some of the pictures you can expect to find there.


From creating website and blog images that feature your logo to customizing your own social media graphics that complement your brand, there is so much you can accomplish with Canva. It literally puts the power of design in your hands. We like using it specifically for creating branded social media images to use when sharing our blog posts on our social channels, but with the various offered templates available, Canva opens up an entire world of marketing and design for you to explore, empowering you to enhance your small business website in ways you had not thought possible before. Read this blog post about using Canva for your website projects, and get more information at


There are multiple ways to use your small business blog post content. With Lumen5, you can actually turn your blog posts into videos. There’s no denying the power of video, with experts claiming that it is the future of content marketing. Lumen5 allows you to repurpose text content and create something dynamic that you can use on your social media channels or email newsletters to direct traffic back to your website. We don’t recommend using an entire blog post or web page to make one, but instead, produce an interesting but brief piece that acts as a teaser to garner interest and get people to click for more. Watch the video tutorial below so you can see how easy it is to use, and go to for additional info.

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