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Small Talks with Small Businesses Podcast Episode 1: Ben Seims

Welcome to the debut of the Small Talks with Small Businesses podcast, where we interview small business owners and discuss marketing and website tips. I’m your host, John Hawkins, Client Strategist for eWebscapes.

The start of summer means people are shaping up and hitting the gym, and CrossFit gyms are on the rise. On today’s podcast, I chat with Ben Seims, owner of CrossFit Wenatchee. Ben is a small business owner whose day can be pulled in many different directions. From working with members and programming workouts to marketing his business, his time becomes extremely valuable. You’ll get to hear a bit about how Ben uses his website content to engage his members and attract new ones.

Thank you for listening, and please return, as we will be sharing more small business podcast episodes biweekly.

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