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Advice from a Pro: Media Management – Images, Audio, and Video

Editor’s note: The excerpt below comes from Chapter 6 of WordPress For Dummies, 8th Edition by eWebscapes founder and WordPress pioneer, Lisa Sabin-Wilson. This blog post is the sixth in a series of excerpts called “Advice from a Pro” from this book. In this particular portion of the book, readers learn how to add images, photo galleries, and even video to WordPress website content and blog posts. 

Adding images and photos to your posts and pages can really dress up the content. By using images and photos, you give your content a dimension that you can’t express in plain text. Through visual imagery, you can call attention to your content and improve the delivery of the message by adding depth to it.

The same goes for adding video and audio files to your posts and pages. Video lets you provide entertainment through moving, talking (or singing!), and streaming video. Audio files let you talk to your visitors and add a personal touch. Many website owners use video and audio to report news and to broadcast Internet radio and television shows. The possibilities are endless!

Key takeaways:

  • Simple text content can be mundane. By adding images to your content and/or blog posts, you can create appeal, clarify your point, and make your information more interesting.

  • Adding video to your content can keep your website users entertained. The more entertained they are, the longer they will stay on your site.

  • Audio content allows you to deliver personal messages to your website visitors.

  • Text content is not your only option. Feel empowered to rely on still images, video, and audio to captivate your website visitors.

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