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Jul 17 2008

Sao Noi Tieng Blog Design

Joni completed the recent launch of the Sao Noi Tieng custom design for their WordPress powered blog. The blog is Vietnamese and the title of the blog – Sao Noi Tieng – translates as “Famous Star”. This is a very fitting title since the blog is a Vietnamese celebrity gossip site, with plans to provide news, photos and videos. They are getting ready to fully launch their site with the great new design Joni completed …

Dec 25 2007

Designer Fuse WordPress Blog Design

Vic has been running a relatively active discussion forum about photoshop and approached E.Webscapes because he wanted to add a WordPress blog to his site and requested a lively, colorful design for his new blog about Photoshop tutorials, tips, tricks and how-to’s. I had a lot of fun working on the DesignerFuse Blog – – design blogs are right up my alley, don’t ya know?……

Dec 24 2007

Wonderings and Wanderings Blog Design

We recently finished up just the CUTEST blog design for Melissa at Wonderings and Wanderings, a personal blog about ‘faith, life and self’. Melissa came to us after seeing the design we completed at – inspired by our custom work that I completed there, she wanted a similiar design and layout – but done with her own color preference and illustration choices……

May 15 2007

Chicky Bandita

While you’re looking for something to do, allow me to suggest a visit to Lisa Sabin-Wilson, the creative genius behind this site’s amazing layout. Lisa is a wonderfully talented woman who is probably tearing her hair out while answering our neverending barrage of mundane, trite, and insipid questions about this blog. Go give her a little love, because we sure as hell didn’t pay her enough to deal with our stupidity.

Carrie @ Chicky Bandita

Apr 10 2007

Candy Addict – WordPress Blog Design

The site design we launched this week is NOT one for diabetics! I think I completely ruined my dieting efforts by designing this site! The site is called Candy Addict run by Brian Pipa. Brian was looking for a bright, fun and.. or course, sweet design for his candy blog….…

Mar 15 2007

Ushering in Springtime

I don’t know about where you live . . but here in Wisconsin, it is getting warmer and warmer by the day! I’m loving it. After a long, cold winter – it’s really nice to be able to open up all the windows and let the fresh air come rushing in! There have been some exciting new developments here at E.Webscapes I want to tell you about. I realize I haven’t updated in quite some …