Oct 18 2006

WordPress Design: Totally Unfamous

Custom Blog Design

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I’m happy to announce the release of a new blog called Totally Unfamous. Author of the “Becoming Beka” series of 5 books (so far!) for teenagers with a Christian theme. From the author, herself:…

I was working with my church’s youth group and as I talked with the teens I discovered that some were just playing the “church game”. They came to church and said all the right things, but they didn’t really know how to follow God. It made me wonder what was going on behind their smiles. The character of Beka just emerged as I thought about how we all wear masks from time to time. And of course, I do believe that God inspired me with her story. I just get the privilege of writing it down.

Her new book is coming.. called Totally Unfamous – hence the name of her new website.

Requesting a color scheme of purple, black and gray, I provided her with just the theme for her new WordPress powered blog that she was looking for. The blog is just a bit different, in that the posts display in reverse chronological order. She wanted the blog to read like a book – from beginning to end, in that order. That will be a little bit different for regular readers of blogs who are used to it being the other way around.. however, she has no issues about being different, and hopes the readers of her new blog – and fans of her series of books, enjoy reading the new blog site she’s started.

We are proudly hosting Totally Unfamous at our hosting division at Blogs About Hosting – we got her all set up with her blog installation and design – now she’s all set and ready to go this week.

Best of luck to Totally Unfamous with her new blog, and new book! Big thanks for allowing me to be a small part of your overall success. Cheers!

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