Nov 4 2007

WordPress Blog Design: Ocean Lines

Custom Blog Design

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Tom Tripp is an experienced freelance journalist who writes about marine-related topics and not only pens some interesting articles on his own blog at Ocean Lines, he also writes for several different boating and marine magazines, as well as for a number of online boating sites….

Tom approached E.Webscapes for a clean new design for his WordPress site. Originally, he wanted to add a blog to his existing website – but after realizing that he could use WordPress to replace his existing (static HTML) web pages.. we created a new home for his Ocean writings.

Tom wanted a two-column WordPress theme done in the soothing colors of the ocean: blues and greens, with some nautical and marine design elements to tie his design in with his content.

Tom was very pleased with the final result:

…Phenomenal!! Wow, the more I look at this the more I love it! Can I suggest a new treatment for the abridged version of “WordPress for Dummies?”

new text for the cover: Just Call Lisa at E.Webscapes Design Studio!

BTW, I’ll be buying a book and sending it to you for autographing…

You don’t always find people with real design sense AND web programming abilities!

Everybody LOVES the website, including me! I’m so happy with it! Please feel free to use me as a testimonial for your whole process. I’m very happy.

Thanks, Lisa.

Thank YOU, Tom!

2 Responses to “WordPress Blog Design: Ocean Lines”

  1. Lindsey

    04. Nov, 2007

    What a fun look! And, of course, I love the colors!

  2. stephenams

    28. Feb, 2008

    Nice design you’ve got there. Could you feature more designs for boating lovers like me? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

    — stephen