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Top 10 reasons you should hire E.Webscapes for your custom blog and web site design projectEWebscapes designs quality custom blogs and web sites in WordPress, and other CMS programs like Movable Type, Expression Engine and more! We realize that you have a vast choice in web designers on the web today – and we are simply flattered that you found your self here, on THIS page – allowing us the opportunity to convince you why you should hire E.Webscapes for your custom blog design, and web site solutions!  All of our other clients were faced with the same decision you’re facing right now – have a look at our portfolio of work filled with happy clients who have fabulous designs on their sites, and the choice should be easy!

Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire E.Webscapes:

  1. We start by listening to you – – what a concept!  The reality is – it is YOUR web site, YOUR business and YOUR online identity that we’re talking about here, so why wouldn’t we listen to you when it comes to how you want that identity presented to the world?  It’s a simple concept – but one that sometimes gets overlooked.  We don’t overlook it.
  2. Being a small business, ourselves – we understand the unique challenges facing small businesses on the web.  From domain registration to web hosting and custom blog design to social media marketing – we are experienced in all the areas you need us to be.
  3. E.Webscapes has been building beautiful blogs and web sites since 1998 – that is a long time in this business, and it is a FULL TIME career that we are very passionate about.
  4. We are experts!  Our owner, and lead designer, Lisa Sabin-Wilson literally wrote the book on this stuff!  Her book, WordPress For Dummies, has been on the shelves since early 2007 and has been on’s top 5 books on blogging ever since!  She also recently released BuddyPress For Dummies, which is a book on building your own niche community and social network on your own website.  Simply put, we know what we are doing over here!
  5. Business and marketing consultants are constantly telling us that we need to increase our rates to make more money – but we take a lot of pride in keeping our services at an affordable rate.  Our rates are competitive. Compare us side by side with any other design firm with the same amount of experience and you’ll see what a great value we are!
  6. We have happy clients!
  7. You always know exactly what is included in your design packages with us – – there are no hidden fees and no ‘gotchas’ – – you receive a detailed and itemized project summary that wraps your project up in one neat little package, no surprises.
  8. We are a one stop shop – and many of our clients appreciate that about us.  We have a hosting division called Blogs About Hosting, so we’ve got pretty much all the bases covered with all of your web site needs under one (virtual) roof.  Domain registration, web hosting, software upgrades and installation, web site and blog design, graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing – – we have experts on staff that will assist you in reaching your goals.
  9. We are connected – if you challenge us with something that is either beyond our scope or availability, we can put  you in the hands of the right people for your work.  They say it’s all about who you know – – and sometimes, they are right!
  10. We love what we do.  Nothing is more of a downer than working with someone who is just ‘filling time’ until the next greatest thing – – we’ve all been there!  But our motto is ‘do what you love – love what you do’ and we do!