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Apr 17 2008

Blog Design: WonderSpot

Apr 10 2007

Candy Addict – WordPress Blog Design

The site design we launched this week is NOT one for diabetics! I think I completely ruined my dieting efforts by designing this site! The site is called Candy Addict run by Brian Pipa. Brian was looking for a bright, fun and.. or course, sweet design for his candy blog….…

Feb 6 2007

Perfume Posse : WordPress Design

About a year ago, I did the design of a new site called Perfume Posse. The girls behind the project, Patty and March, LOVE perfume and all things girly and have really turned their passion into a blog, popular with perfume fans everywhere. Back then – we did it in a very sweet pink and white, feminine theme with a retro flare. This time around.. they wanted something a little more edgy……

Jan 30 2007

WordPress Design: And Rightly So!

Having recently completed Patti’s new redesign of her Nursing Assistants blog, I was very happy when she then put in her request to have her own personal blog at And Rightly So! redesigned, as well. I’ve worked with Patti many times in the past, including having her as a hosting client – I’m always happy to have the chance to work with her again……

Jan 8 2007

WordPress Blog Design – VinCache

Clara’s site at VinCache was completed today. She came to me with a request for a design for her new wine review blog. She was looking for a rustic, kind of ‘wine cellar meets the internet’ look and feel for her site that gave it a feel of a musty wine cellar . . .…

Jan 8 2007

WordPress Design – SCRAPcast

The design for Lynette at SCRAPcast has been in the works for sometime now and I’m happy to announce the launch of her new redesign. I had a LOT of fun working on this, as I had the opportunity to work with talented artist and illustrator Samantha Wise once again … …