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Oct 2 2010

EduPlan Custom WordPress Theme

EduPlan offers an entire, diverse range of educational consulting from College and Grad School Admissions to resume writing and transition from academics into the corporate world. They approached E.Webscapes to do a complete overhaul of their WordPress powered web site, from graphic design to the overall layout and architecture of their site……

May 1 2008

The Right Baby Gear Design

The Right Baby Gear is a WordPress powered blog whose purpose is to review the latest and greatest in baby gear! Gotta get those babies outfitted up right! Looking for a super cute design, Michael approached E.Webscapes wanting something cute, but functional. We recently completed and launched their new, custom WordPress theme – and it IS cute!……

Sep 4 2007

WordPress Blog Design: Toddler Daddy

By now, we’ve all heard of Mommy Bloggers, haven’t we? Those Mommy’s who have taken the blogosphere by storm with their witty stories about kids, work, and life? What about the Daddy’s out there who have just as many witty and interesting anecdotal stories to share? Enter: Toddler Daddy – We finished up his design this month. . .…

Jan 9 2007

E.Webscapes Waiting List Updates

Just wanted to drop a note in here to update the very patient folks currently on our waiting list. I started processing those new orders that have been coming on 1/2/06. If you have not heard from me yet on your order – I do promise, I am getting there, honest! I’ve been processing the orders on a first come, first serve basis……

Oct 19 2006

IE7 Released Today for XP

The much anticipated final release of Microsofts Internet Explorer version 7 finally happened today. The release today is for Windows XP. The reviews I’ve read thus far are mixed:… …

Jun 13 2006

Blog Goliard – Custom Illustration and WordPress Blog Design

We launched the custom WordPress blog design for Blog Golliard, complete with a custom illustration by E.Webscapes.…