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Feb 28 2011

Sheltie Nation WordPress Blog Design and Migration

Sheltie Nation is a blog about Shelties! Kelly, and her readers, have a real love for all things Sheltie (which is a breed of dog, btw) and her blog is a huge repository of photos, articles, resources, tips and advice to Sheltie owners everywhere. Kelly wanted a cute design to go along with her cute pups and we worked together with her artist, Diane Troese from for illustrations, and together with our graphic design …

Sep 9 2010

Writings from the Foxhole – Custom TypePad Design

Tarsha runs a blog on the TypePad platform, but was looking for something a bit more custom and more unique to her own personal style. She approached us for some design work to her TypePad templates and had a very specific look she was going for. The name of her site, Writings from the Foxhole, comes from her last name (FOX) and how she has viewed and lived her life (from a foxhole…a battle …

Mar 2 2010

Influence at Work – Custom TypePad Blog Design

Todd Farran from Inside Influence Report approached us for a custom designed template for his TypePad powered blog. When Todd communicated his specification and requirements on his design ideas, we all decided this was a great match, so we teamed up with him and recently launched his new custom TypePad blog.…

Oct 4 2009

Nostalgia Organics : TypePad Blog Design

When Elea contacted E.Webscapes for her blog makeover, she knew exactly what she wanted – and Lisa met her design needs to a “t”! Nostalgia Organics Joyful Living Blog experienced a very nostalgic, very joyful design change when they chose us for their TypePad design needs.…

Sep 29 2008

E.Webscapes is open for new requests!

After a brief hiatus over the past month to catch us up on ongoing projects, we’re happy to announce that we’ve re-open our Design Request Form and are able to start taking your requests for design orders at this time. E.Webscapes specializes in for WordPress Design, designs for Movable Type, Expression Engine, Typepad and various other content management systems, discussion forum platforms, photo blog, photo and art galleries and E-Commerce setups.…

Dec 23 2007

Pond Supply Typepad Design

We finished up a custom blog design for Pond Supply Blog, which is Typepad powered blog written by PondMoose, who is a cartoon moose forced to blog away for the camera shy staff of (according to their online bio)……