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Aug 18 2008

SOON Trends Typepad Blog Design

We recently completed and launched the cool new custom design for SOON Trends, a blog powered by Typepad; a blog for intellectually curious and creative marketing executives, market research professionals and communication creatives looking for consumer trends inspiration and insights in their daily work….…

Aug 18 2008

Weblog Bahamas Typepad Design

We recently completed the new design for Weblog Bahamas, a Typepad powered blog by Rick Lowe, on topics related to the Bahamas, written by multiple Bahamian authors. Rick wanted a very simple, conservative design in a three column layout, as well as continue ability to utilize the very handy Typepad Widgets so he does not have to worry about tinkering with the template code in order to change the arrangments and elements in his …

Apr 13 2008

Luxvelocity Custom Typepad Blog Design

We recently completed and launched the new custom design for Luxvelocity‘s Typepad blog. Joseph maintains this blog to keep readers up to date on European automotive news and for car fanatics and fans. Looking for a clean and professional design, We went to work. . .…

Dec 24 2007

Wonderings and Wanderings Blog Design

We recently finished up just the CUTEST blog design for Melissa at Wonderings and Wanderings, a personal blog about ‘faith, life and self’. Melissa came to us after seeing the design we completed at – inspired by our custom work that I completed there, she wanted a similiar design and layout – but done with her own color preference and illustration choices……

Dec 24 2007

Saasology Typepad Blog Design

About a month ago, We completed a custom Typepad blog design for Peter at Peter de Haas’s technology blog. Happily, Peter returned for a similiar design on his blog at Saasology.Net, which is a blog that discusses ‘Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS)……

Jun 21 2007

GoldyWorld – Typepad Blog Design

I finished up the custom blog design for GoldyWorld this week. I had a lot of fun doing Jeremy’s new design! His request was to create a custom template for him using only the Custom CSS feature available to Typepad users. This was something somewhat new for me – because you can usually find me mucking around inside the code of the actual template, itself ……