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Feb 19 2009

SpyGolfer: Movable Type Site Design

Robert at SpyGolfer wanted to create a website for frequent updates with the newest golf gear. Robert came to E.Webscapes looking for a custom design for his Movable Type powered blog……

Sep 29 2008

E.Webscapes is open for new requests!

After a brief hiatus over the past month to catch us up on ongoing projects, we’re happy to announce that we’ve re-open our Design Request Form and are able to start taking your requests for design orders at this time. E.Webscapes specializes in for WordPress Design, designs for Movable Type, Expression Engine, Typepad and various other content management systems, discussion forum platforms, photo blog, photo and art galleries and E-Commerce setups.…

Sep 11 2008

Colorburned Movable Type Design

Grant Friedman from Colorburned contacted me to translate his design ideas into a functional Movable Type theme for his website. Grant showcases his art and talents on his site, and he required some very specific functionality to bring his Movable Type blog to the level of portfolio and showcase for his artwork……

Aug 9 2007

Job Posting – Designers Needed!

It’s that time again! We’re looking to hire another designer, or two, here at E.Webscapes to add to our team of designers. The current demand for our services is just growing more and more everyday. This is an extremely GOOD thing – however, we do need the design staff to be able to keep up with the flow. That is where you come in..Interested???..…

Apr 3 2007

Help Wanted – Design Opportunity

I’m looking to hire another designer, or two, here at E.Webscapes to add to our team of designers. There is SO much work to be done and only so much time in a day, and with the growth in orders and increased demand for our services, it’s time to bring on additional talent – definitely one more, if not two………

Dec 3 2006

Waiting List Announcement & The Holidays

I made the announcement to my current clients, and folks who have been placing orders over the past two weeks – and I figured it needed to be said here, as well, so that word gets out. Currently, I’m not processing any new quotes on new projects until January 2, 2007. I have, however, implemented a waiting list for those of you willing to wait until the New Year! …