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Aug 11 2009

Myrtle Beach Reviews : WordPress Blog Design

When Clayton came to E.Webscapes for his design project, Myrtle Beach Reviews, E.Webscapes was all too excited to get started! Samantha Wise, the illustrator of “Sandie Beech”, created a fun and inspiring graphic illustration for Clayton’s design that E.Webscapes built on, creating a “notebook” look for the entrance into Sandie’s Review area. …

Aug 18 2008

Custom Blog Design – Keys To New Jersey

Realtor, Jesse Kaye, approached E.Webscapes for a custom designed theme for his WordPress blog, Keys To New Jersey, where he writes about real estate opportunities and information/resources local to the New Jersey, and surrounding, areas. Jesse came to us with a custom illustration he commissioned and asked us to use it in his new design project . . .…

Jun 11 2007

HIStalk – WordPress Custom Theme

HIStalk came to me for a custom design for his new WordPress blog. Though, it’s not really a new blog, because up until we launched this design for him, he was blogging over at Blog City and was ready to make the change over to WordPress – and, of course, I was very happy to help him do just that! After having the talented Samantha Wise create a custom illustration for his blog, I created …

Jan 27 2007

Odds N’ Ends

One of the more exciting aspects of this past week was the much anticipated release of the newest version of WordPress – version 2.1 – Ella, named after jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. Before being quick to hop on the upgrade bandwagon, take a moment to arm yourself with the latest information on what’s new, what’s changed and the ultimate question from my clients . . …

Jan 14 2007

WordPress Blog Design and Custom Illustration – SCRAPcast

I have to say, Lisa KICKS BUTT when it comes to completely understanding how to translate the idea in my head into an incredible blog design. I’ve got one more blog that she did for me to upload, and then I’m putting myself back on her list for 2 more sites. I would honestly never EVER use another designer for my oh-so-precious websites!!

Lynette @ SCRAPcast

Jan 8 2007

WordPress Design – SCRAPcast

The design for Lynette at SCRAPcast has been in the works for sometime now and I’m happy to announce the launch of her new redesign. I had a LOT of fun working on this, as I had the opportunity to work with talented artist and illustrator Samantha Wise once again … …