Feb 19 2009

Magnifeco – WordPress Blog Design

Custom Blog Design

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Kate, from Magnifeco, runs an eco-friendly fashion blog where she presents her virtual wish list of things she’d like, or does, own. “We are what we buy”, Kate says, and speaks about corporate responsibility and pays homage to those companies that develop products that are responsible, sustainable, recycled, organic and/or diminished in their damage to our planet….

When Kate came to me, she had a pretty specific idea of what she wanted her blog to look like – but, at the same time, told me that she’d “Know it when she saw it” … which is always a challenge for any designer! But I really liked the direction she described and wanted to take with her blog.

Being an eco-friendly site, the look needed to be organic, in nature. So, I utilized design elements that created texture and earthiness – while, at the same time, portrayed a feeling of high class eco-minded and socially responsible fashion.

I added some special touches to her site to spotlight some of the item pricing on products she blogs about. If you visit Magnifeco – you’ll notice that she provides some very helpful indicators on the pricing of the products she writes about. This pricing only displays on special articles that she feels requires a price prompt to her readers. It’s a very helpful little gem in her posts!

Magnifeco is a WordPress powered site, and some of the plugins I included in her project are:

Kate was really pleased with the result – and so was I! I think she has a nifty looking blog to go right along with her fabulous information and content. Thanks so much, Kate – I had a blast!

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