Aug 10 2009

Hyp2 : WordPress Blog Design

Custom Blog Design

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Hyp2 hired E.Webscapes to design a cool, trendy WordPress blog that would appeal to teens. E.Webscapes worked with them and designed a bright, exciting theme that implemented funky and fun grunge graphics with a clean layout structure for the content. Hyp2 is a teen blog focus on celebrity news, music, movies, myspace, fashion, etc.

Hyp2 features three widgetized sidebars, one wide to embed video, as well as two narrower sidebars to display blogrolls, categories, tags and ad towers. A bright horizontal menu displays WordPress page navigation. WordPress plugins like All-in-One-SEO, Adsense manager, Video Embedder and Yahoo Media Player gives Hyp2 the ability to maximize their use of WordPress and share the coolest news in a high-tech, trendy way!

We love the design…
Thanks — you’ve been great.

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