Oct 2 2010

EduPlan Custom WordPress Theme

Custom Blog Design

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EduPlan offers an entire, diverse range of educational consulting from College and Grad School Admissions to resume writing and transition from academics into the corporate world. They approached E.Webscapes to do a complete overhaul of their WordPress powered web site, from graphic design to the overall layout and architecture of their site…

Project Details


EduPlan approached us with ideas they had for their web site design. They wanted their site to appear less like a blog, and more like a full blown web site that spotlights all of their service offerings, as well as a blog where they write content pertinent to their industry.

I started with their preferred color scheme of blue and orange and designed a new logo for them, as well as a new design and layout for their site. The front page of EduPlan acts as a direct portal of information that invites you deeper into their site – but at a glance, you’re able to see their offerings and content. I included easy and stylish navigation tabs to make it easy for their readers to navigate in and around their site.

The focal point of their front page includes a content slide show that brings forward all of their different service offerings with associated photographs that highlight each of the specific content areas. They are easily able to update that content slide show through a back-end options page that I built for them in the Dashboard of their WordPress install. The other areas of their front page pull in information about their members, an informational video and their latest offerings from the EduPlan blog

Internally, their static pages have a layout and theme that coordinates well with the front page, and offers sub-page navigation, depending on which page you happen to be reading. Additionally, their blog offers the same coordinating design and layout, bringing the entire package together into a dynamic, professionally designed web site.

Additionally, we provided the design for their Spanish translated site, as well

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