Mar 29 2011

E.Webscapes is hiring

We’ve been in the business of creating custom designed web sites since 2002 (ish) and we are looking to expand our team by one (possibly two) remote, part-time designer/developers.  If you are interested in building custom web sites and making a decent income from doing so – this opportunity may be of great interest to you!  Our projects will challenge you and if you’re up for it – then we’re up for talking with you!

Here’s the down and dirty:
Minimum Requirements:

  • Documented experience in graphic design and web development
  • Experience with WordPress is a must (Expression Engine, Movable Type, Typepad skills are nice, too, if you have ‘em)
  • HTML/CSS knowledge is a must
  • Good communication skills.
  • Excellent time management.  Ability to work on a deadline
  • While the number one qualification for this opening is a strong sense of design (aesthetics) along with strong web skills, we’re also looking for individuals with great critical thinking skills, a good work ethic and customer service skills.
  • We run shop like a consultancy, which means you need to know your stuff- and their stuff (whoever they may be).
  • Do you have references from folks you’ve worked with in the past on web projects?? I’d LOVE to hear ‘em!
  • Maybe an online portfolio of work or client sites you can point me to so I can see your work in action?  (screenshots are nice, but I like to dig a bit more beyond the pretty, ya know)

Types of Projects we’re doing lately:

  • WordPress web sites, mainly (some with and some without a blog) for small and large business, multisite networks, social communities and lots of social media integration.
  • WordPress with E-Commerce (Cart66, Shopp or WP E-Commerce experience greatly appreciated!)
  • WordPress MultiSite (and BuddyPress)
  • Membership sites with WordPress
  • (…do you get a feeling that we do a LOT of WordPress sites???  we do!)

Work Environment

  • Your home because this is remote work – how cool is THAT?
  • In your pajamas, if you like
  • This is part time work

We’re looking for someone who

  • Thinks design is about solving problems, not making them
  • Likes to have a lot of fun tinkering around inside the guts of a blog
  • Gets more kicks out of removing elements from a page than adding them
  • Wants to learn, push themselves, and make the web a better place to be!
  • Wouldn’t mind making a few extra $$’s doing something they love! How much, you say? Well, why not apply and find out (hint: we ain’t talking about coffee money here!)

If you’re interested – you can apply using this form only (any other method of application will most likely get overlooked – – so don’t try to DM on Twitter or send a message on Facebook — please use this form only.)

I give each application consideration – but please do be patient as I go through all of the applications received.  I will read them all and will be contacting you within the next week, or two.  Thank you!

7 Responses to “E.Webscapes is hiring”

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  2. Jenny

    30. Mar, 2011

    ugh I would love to apply but I’m prolly not as good as other people. Plus I lost my PS :(

  3. Peggy

    30. Mar, 2011

    Lisa, What’s the best way to share this with my WordPress Matchup buddies? Thnx

  4. Lisa Sabin-Wilson

    01. Apr, 2011

    If you happen to find it someday, let us know! :)

  5. Lisa Sabin-Wilson

    01. Apr, 2011

    Peggy – I don’t know what you mean by “WordPress Matchup buddies”?

  6. Jenny

    02. Apr, 2011

    well by lost i meant… i had a copy from a friend an have no way of getting another :P

  7. Laura G

    28. Jun, 2012

    Working for Lisa would be so wonderful. I am green with envy at the wealth of knowledge and experience. I learned from the WordPress for Dummies book and I think I slept with it under my pillow for 6 months. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your expertise with the great unwashed – like me.