Feb 28 2011

dvDepot WordPress Custom e-Commerce Design

Custom Blog Design

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dvDepot is a brick and mortar store in New York City that provides digital camera and video rental equipment and supplies to their local consumer base. Their web site gets lots of traffic, locally and they needed a reliable e-Commerce platform so their customers could rent equipment online, and then drop by their shop to pickup the equipment. dvDepot came to us for a full overhaul of their web site including graphic design, migration to WordPress and development …

Project Details


The folks at dvDepot really left the design of their site up to us by providing us with some early, preliminary requirements such as color scheme, feature set and their own logo file. They wanted an updated, modern look to their web site while making sure that we paid attention to the underlying development work for their e-Commerce shop and making sure it performed they way they needed it to.

The first phase included the design work which includes a static front page that features a dynamic, tabbed slidshow that runs through some of the important content from within their web site. I developed this slideshow using jQuery and built-in WordPress post query features, because I could not find a plugin suitable to fill the need. The design met their color scheme requirements of black, dark blue, light blue and silver. I also used photographs provided by dvDepot of their equipment and facilities to individualize the site and provide their client base with a visual representation of their physical store. dvDepot provided me with their existing logo that I integrated into the custom design work that I did

For the e-Commerce solution, I used the WP e-Commerce plugin for WordPress and customized it at bit to act less like a shop and more like a quoting engine. dvDepot does not sell products on their web site, rather they list the products they have available in inventory and allow their visitors to fill a shopping cart of a list of products they would like to rent, including specific rental dates. This information is then sent to the dvDepot offices and the equipment is assembled in their shop, where the client picks up the equipment on the pre-determined date. So, the e-Commerce solution for dvDepot is not performing any payment transactions, but the features of the shop allows them to do everything else, such as provide a shopping cart, product listings, product categories, images, inventory, etc.

In addition to the static pages, slideshow and e-Commerce solution, I created a blog as a part of their web site, along with social media integration, easy video and photo embedding and different contact and web forms using the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress. I also worked closely with Kevin Palmer at Social Media Answers in providing enhanced SEO, analytics and social media work on their web site.

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