Oct 17 2006

Add a blog to your existing website

Frequently, I get requests to add a blog to an existing website. The popular request is to use the websites existing design and layout and built a blog with it. These blog design projects don’t make it into my portfolio of work because they are not designs I have completed – but I have done countless numbers… of these types of projects. I’ve taken the existing HTML websites and built a blog into it using Movable Type, WordPress, Blogger and Typepad – to name a few.

Typically the website owner will either create a new directory on their server so that their blog points to it – for example, something like this: http://thedomain.com/blog. Or, they will create a subdomain so that their new blog will point to that – for example: http://blog.thedomain.com. Either way works out nicely. My clients have hired me to perform the blog installation and design – adding in many nice features and existing plugins so they, and their readers, can get the most out of the blogging experience.

Sometimes, these types of projects can be a challenge because of the coding, style and format of the existing website. It’s much easier for me, the designer, to work with my own code, formatting techniques and structure – but I can’t be a design control freak all the time!

Many times, our clients will ask us to keep the coding elements the very same, where at all possible. At times, this forces me to … yes… build a blog with a tables based design.. eek! Trying to remember how to work with tables is a big challenge for me! However, at the end of the day – it is my client who has to maintain the blog, the design and format… and whatever format they are used to, whatever format makes it easiest for them to control and maintain is what will work the best for them. I do usually recommend a different structure and layout if it will be advantageous for them to change, and if they are willing to change.

Here are some good resources for web site building with WordPress:

WordPress Themes
Genesis Framework for WordPress

Headway — The Drag & Drop Theme For WordPress
WordPress Hosting

Adding a blog to an existing website is a great way to extend the features on your website, particularly if you are running a business. It gives you an excellent opportunity to interact with your clients, potential clients and industry peers, not too mention that blogs are great for SEO (search engine optimization) due to the dynamic nature of blogs, and the ability to keep updated content flowing on your site. Having a blog also allows your business to provide a built-in RSS feed so your clients, readers and peers can keep up-to-date about your company news through your RSS feed.

Here are a couple examples of websites I’ve added a blog to recently:

blog design, blog designs, blog designer, movable type, design, css, movable type blog design, add blog to existing website, miami real estate blogHansen Homes Miami Real Estate Blog
Blog Platform: Movable Type
Details: Add Movable Type blog using existing website design and code structure.

Read clients testimonial here.

blog design, blog designs, blog designer, blogspot design, blogspot template, blogger design, blogger template, css, design, add blog to website, maine associates business consulting blogMaine Associates Business Blog
Blog Platform: Blogspot
Details: Add a blog, powered by Blogspot, using existing website design.

blog design, blog designs, blog designer, wordpress blog design, wordpress design, css, design, add wordpress blog to existing website, incredible gifts blogIncredible Gifts Blog
Blog Platform: WordPress
Details: Use existing website design and structure to build the WordPress blog layout, provide hosting for the blog through our hosting division at Blogs About Hosting.

Adding a blog to your existing website usually goes pretty quickly. In no time at all, your website can have the dynamic and interactive features the blogging provides – all integrated to coordinate and look just like your existing website.

11 Responses to “Add a blog to your existing website”

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  2. Douglas T

    18. Oct, 2006

    Sounds like an interesting challenge. I’m currently building a site and blog for myself and I’m finding it takes a little thought and planning to keep the styles the same. Matching a new blog to an existing site that you didn’t build would take that idea to a whole different level.

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  4. Lisa Sabin-Wilson

    18. Oct, 2006

    Hey Douglas, thanks for dropping by. Building a blog into a site whose design I wasn’t involved does require a different level of thought. It’s sometimes difficult to get my head into someone elses code and style.

    Sometimes I look at it and think “I would have done this.. or that” – and I’m tempted to change it because I know there are ways to do it better – – make it jump higher and run faster ;)

    Other times I look at the code or style and think “Hey – now that’s cool!” and take a few notes :)

    The job I’m contracted to do is to take the original design.. AS IS .. and build a blog into it. Good, bad or ugly – I like doing those projects and the clients are usually very happy that they don’t have to contract out for an entire website re-do just to have a blog on their site – – they’re happy to find out that, the majority of the time, their current design will work well in blog format.

  5. gabe

    10. Nov, 2006

    thanks for bringing the topic up and for letting us know that it can be done. but how is it done? i am looking at the page source for the blogspot example. i guess i am new at this, but some help would be appreciated. thanks, g

  6. Crystal

    02. May, 2007

    Umm this sounds interesting. My website deals with book reviews, and making my site into a blog would make my life alot easier. I update it daily, if it was a blog everytime I added a review the categories and such would update themselves. I designed my site to make it look like a blog so maybe setting up a blog would be a good idea for me.

  7. NetPreneur

    30. Dec, 2007

    I have an early stage company which involves an online community of bloggers and video. Initially I was going to do a membership based model where members pay a fee, but I have decided to take on the advertising model. (I need some advice though on how to base the advertising fees since I haven’t found anything yet on a Google search of YouTube’s model and how they arrived to those figures). My members will have profiles similar to myspace where they can post their own blogs to show off their knowledge and allow web visitors to read or subscribe to each member’s blogs. Someone recommended Word Press MU to me. I’m not sure if hosted is the way to go or to host my blog on my own server. There will be no interaction in the members’ blogs with their readers, but the members will be allowed to post their comments for pure reading enjoyment. This way, a user won’t have to weed through spam.

    I will also offer sub-domains where my members can have user feedback on their blogs. Any advice?

  8. Peppyman

    28. Jan, 2008

    Thanks for taking the time to help me and others our with your guidance on adding a Blog to my website.


  9. Jen

    16. Nov, 2008

    Great info – thank you. I’m thinking about adding a blog to my site and I appreciate the “how-to” information!

    FYI, the 3rd sample website says the hosting expired.

  10. onequestion

    17. Apr, 2009

    I have a website and I want to add a wordpress blog to the homepage.. My question is how can you add a wordpress blog without the ads and all the wordpress logos and stuff? please email.

  11. WilliamChaney

    12. Sep, 2010

    Thanks for the information, I am interested in adding a blog to my website, which is on wordpress and has a cpannel, but I don’t have any idea where to begin.
    Is it costly to have it done for me?